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In a letter to Congress today, Sony said that a file on its SOE servers was titled "Anonymous," prompting speculation tha the clandestine Internet group was involved in the hack of Sony's Play Station network.In response to a congressional inquiry, Sony on Wednesday released more information about the hack that has disrupted its Play Station Network since April 20.At this point, Sony believes it knows how the intrusion occured, but is "reluctant to make full details publicly available" because that info might be used to launch another attack. One of the major concerns in this case was whether the hackers obtained peoples' credit card information.Sony said it has about 12.3 million credit cards on file via its Play Station Network system, about 5.6 million of which are in the United States. impressive rubie in amateur webcam chat do exci (1 min 23 sec) sex rated. Beautiful latina teasing pussy and fun chat sex (30 min) sex rated 95%.If you like younger transexual models we have them cam girl websites below.The group Anonymous goes by the tagline "We are Anonymous. The attacks were coordinated against Sony as a protest for exercising its rights in a civil action in the United States Court in San Francisco against a hacker," Harai wrote.

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The company "was very concerned that announcing partial or tentative information to consumers could cause confusion and lead them to take unnecessary actions if the information was not fully corroborated by forensic evidence," Hirai wrote.

He also said Sony's security teams were busy working to deflect the DDo S attacks, which might "have made it more difficult to detect this intrusion quickly—all perhaps by design," he wrote.

Hirai acknowledged that the DDo S participants might have been duped into providing cover for a very clever thief, but "we may never know." Hirai said Sony contacted the FBI two days after the intrusion was detected and set up a meeting for April 27.

Hotz recently settled with Sony, and denied any involvement in the PSN hack.

He also urged those responsible not to sell people's information.

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