Gta 4 dating faq dating pressure treated lumber

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If you are having trouble being a host consider using the in order to get some of these achievements quicker.

Step 1: First, get the achievement Top of the Food Chain, as it is very easy to boost.

To knock off 69 bikers, you'll need to do some races.

There's 12 races total, but you can replay them as many times as you wish. Ballad of Gay Tony DLC While in-game, be sure to start up a new game with The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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Step 3a Single Player conclusion: With all the above completed you should get Key to the City for 100% completion.

You should also get Cut your Teeth after this game.

Step 2: Find some friends in the achievement trading thread and try and beat the times for the co-op games.

As long as your focus is concentrated on completing the story, you will complete it in under 30 hours.

The multiplayer can also be frustrating, as you will want to stay organized to keep from going off-track.

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