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The school sim aspect of Persona is even better here and there is so much more to do: the Confidants here are also a lot more engaging and interesting than a number of the ones in P3 or P4.

The atmosphere of the game is incredible, and the art style is much more interesting and exciting than the PS2 models or the clunky PS1 menus of the previous games.

Using the alias of "Red Comet" Dana has been said to fight and win against a group of bears without killing them.

This event supposedly occurred prior to the loss of her original arm.

Dana Zane, commonly called "Dana" or simply "Boss", is the proprietor of VA-11 Hall-A, and oversees Jill and Gil.

Dana has replaced her left arm with a mechanical prosthesis, and refuses to answer questions on when or how she lost her original, as "It's more interesting if it's left a mystery." Her current strength now is such that she could jump up from ground level to rescue Kim, as she fell from the Glitch City rooftops.

She also has many minutes on her clock for scoping out the latest fashion trends, showing other gals how to shop a designer look for far less and she regularly shares her latest crushes on celebrity street and red carpet style. Make sure to follow her on all the below social channels to show her some love. However, she cares very much for those who work under her and will always go to great lengths to keep them safe and well cared for.Not much is known about where Dana comes from, although it is known that she has a little sister.The dungeons are superb (so much better than any of the last 4 games dungeons), excellent and engaging gameplay, and a very well done plot that is very enticing to play though.The themes are very well thought out too and it really feels like an engaging story to play.

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