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Close all bedroom doors and barricade other areas that do not have doors. When you notice your puppy doing any of the above things gently and without a big fuss pick him up and place him on the newspaper or take him outside. It's a fact of life that your puppy has to pee and he has to poop so you don't want him to get the wrong message that peeing and pooping are wrong.

In the future you will be able to ask your dog to urinate on command.Your puppy may have already started to pee by the time you reach him and although you may have dribbles across the floor still take him to the newspaper or outside and then praise him for being there.Sometimes you are not quick enough and he has finished peeing by the time you reach him. take him to the paper or outside anyway and tell him 'Do a pee here, good boy. ' Don't ever make the newspaper something to be frightened of.Somewhere in his brain he might think 'Hmmm, pee smell here. well done' Praising your dog for doing the right thing will always work far better than punishing him for doing the wrong thing. your puppy pees or poops on the carpet or floor you must clean it up immediately.I think this would be a good place to pee.' and so he pees on the newspaper. If your puppy smells pee on the floor or carpet then he is more likely to return to this area to pee again.

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