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You have six classes to choose from, including the Witch, the Marauder and the Duelist.

It’s got dual-gear set-ups, auto-equip and every item – including life and mana flasks – can be enchanted or elevated in rarity using a variety of orbs. You’ll want to spend money on microtransactions out of guilt.

The character customisation is amazing and there’s enough back-story to drown in, should you so wish. Ubisoft’s F2P noob mixes trademark Ghost Recon cover mechanics and teamplay with some well considered free-to-play gubbins, making for one of the most exciting free releases on PC so far this year. Armored vehicles, planes, naval fleets, Japan, America, Germany, the kitchen sink: it’s got it all.

Get your mates together, form a clan, waste your free smoke grenades and refuse to buy any more. Available on PS4 as well as Mac and Linux, War Thunder offers cross-platform war set in WWII and Korea. Nearly 13 million people played Valve’s MOBA in the last month, meaning it’s nothing if not popular.

It’s large scale sci-fi combat on gigantic battlefields teeming with players, ships, lasers and death. Base-building’s just been added, so, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should see what you’re missing. It’s funny, stupid, brilliant and could keep you happy forever. The cartoon style will never get old and the mix of classes and some incredible map design would make it essential even if there was a cover charge. The Blizzard card battler is available on both PC and mobile, and is far too addictive. A current event is an Ambush and Invasion league with prizes and opportunities to contribute to the Child’s Play charity.

The pay element comes in buying cards for your decks, but you can get on just fine without ever having to spend. If you complete all eight challenges in leagues you can win a t-shirt. Gameplay itself takes place on a wide variety of environments, from beaches to dungeons to forests.

It’s certainly different, and there’s so much user-created content you could never see it all (even if it does get a tad samey).

This is only just out of closed beta, so there’s a bunch of balancing still being done. If it’s superheroes you want, DC Universe Online is “the shit”. Few events in gaming’s history have been more spectacularly depressing than APB’s launch, but that was then.

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There’s a reason it has 70 million registered users. With more than 60 gods to master (in return for some payments, natch), you’ll be here for some time. Blizzard’s F2P MOBA is easier to access than League of Legends (see the next entry), but the lack of complexity means there’s a lower highest tier of play. This is a great game using a wide array of characters from the Blizzard pantheon that’s guaranteed to result in at least a smattering of “fun”. If you want to see what’s turning “the kids” on these days, look no further.

Getting on with Star Trek in general is an obvious prerequisite to being able to play this, but STO is more than game enough for nothing.

The cartoon styling may not be for everyone, and there’s a huge amount of keys to get accustomed to (the combat involves stance-switching), so this may not be the free game you’re looking to grab for a quiet evening after work.

A lot of the problems have been fixed since then, and this enormous, visually sumptuous game is now available for free. The F2P component is very generous, but it’d be worth subbing if you were heavily involved. Hawken is a mech shooter that started off with promises of being The Next Big Thing and then sort of wasn’t.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth looking at, however, especially as now it’s available through Steam.

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