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If you say "Lord Farquaad" as quickly as you can, it easily breaks down to "Lord F*ckwad." While this hidden f-bomb hasn't been confirmed by Dream Works, many posters on Reddit certainly believe it to be true..

KNIGHTS had jerky camera movements in the style of the police show and followed a literal white bronco (referencing the infamous OJ Simpson police chase).

, the list goes on, are essentially the equivalent to regular “real people” sitcoms only they can get away with more because they are animated.

However, kids cartoons is very much still a huge part of television and a part of the diets of young children all over the world.

And just for good measure he’s a video compilation of a considerable amount of adult humor hidden in Nat is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Uncoached Corporation and all its properties.

He loves television, movies, fitness, playing piano, and writing articles worth reading.

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