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Being an art director, there is an amount of phonyness that needs to be expressed here in the form of a logo. A christian fundamentalist movement appears out of nowhere and promises to make America great again by taking away the peoples constitutional rights and introducing an old hierarchy, where women are at the very bottom. This 9 weeks old pomeranian pup entered my life and became the center of cuteness. Or This is a review of the first three episodes of MGM Televisions new drama, The Handmaid’s Tale. In a very near future, US natality suddenly drops and desperation sets in, soon after someone kills the president and most of the government. The same goes for the american society we see in Margaret Attwoods The Handmaid’s Tale. And looking back in history the roots of extremism can grow really strong before anyone notices its flower and makes sense of its true colors.

It’s ultimate for suppressing every last bit of autumn.

The conservative beliefs of the new world-order is even shown in actors dress codes.

Handmaids wear red dresses and Jane Austin-esque hoods, the wives green, and the men are all dressed in black.

I found the photographer Nadja Helminen through instagram and I absolutely love her interior styling and photography style.

Above are excerpts from the folder itself, along with her photos and a prototype of the finished product. Umm, did you see that Rosé slushee over at A Beautiful Mess?

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