Found boyfriends profile on dating site

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It's not about how many of those on the forums believe you or don't, it's a matter of whether each of you believes what the other says.

If you were here to spy because some other behavior has tipped you off that he might be lying/cheating, then directly asking him might not be the ideal solution, i.e., he might lie. Before you can do that, you’re going to have to look within and ask yourself why you’re casting a hook. There are plenty of explanations - such as the one she herself had for coming here in the first place while she is in a relationship.

Might just be holding onto it to talk with friends or read through forum posts, or gee, ask for advice just as you yourself just did. Making fake profiles to try and trick someone or catch them being naughty is pointless and childish.

Grow up and be an adult and simply talk to them about your concerns.

But the other side the man still having a profile up if you said anything but he is a cheater you was deemed and damned for not seeing the "light"...didn't you know ALL men are cheaters?

I say check when the profile was created, when last online...its been a while more than likely he forgot about it.

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