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Women are born with a finite number of eggs, all fully developed whilst she is still a foetus, peaking at several million.

The current theory as to what causes menopause is that as a woman ages, the number of eggs declines and the ovaries shrink. But it is still only a theory, no one knows for sure.

They're a great example of what the girls can achieve.' In the country, one in five girls marry before their 18th birthday and 50 girls are abducted every year in the Upper West region of Ghana.

The singer also appeared on Good Morning Britain on Thursday to describe the plight of the young girls.

They were so shy and found it so hard to look at me. 'After a while they did start to tell their story and I managed to get them to smile.'Action Aid work with young teenagers to help them stay in education and try and break the cycle of child marriages in the country.

The charity also runs girls clubs, which help the girls express themselves through dance, and music, something which is close to Alesha's heart. It felt so good to see how powerful girls are when they stick together.' The work against child marriage in Ghana is done by volunteers, who rescue girls who have been abducted and help get the children back in education.

At puberty the child starts developing into a woman.

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'Could you imagine how scary that would be for a 15 or 16-year-old girl?

You could see that sadness in her eyes.'I told Felicia: "I hope you can see your daughter is a blessing." The star also met a girl called Cynthia, who was abducted on Christmas Day, put in a room and told to prepare for marriage.

Alesha said: 'I was trying to put myself in their shoes.

You're 15, you think you know it all and you're locked in a room on your own not knowing what's going to happen.'Cynthia was rescued by Action Aid team called COMBAT, who also make sure the men who commit these crimes are held to account and educate the girls on their rights.

The mother-of-one admitted she initially found it difficult to get the girls to talk to her about their experiences, but eventually managed to get them to open up.

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