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The UN is investigating accusations that Uruguayan soldiers serving with the world body's peacekeeping force in Haiti sexually assaulted an 18-year-old man after alleged footage of the incident was circulated in the country on mobile phones. As soon as it was brought to our attention we immediately launched an internal investigation," Eliana Nabaa, spokeswoman for the UN's Haiti peacekeeping mission, MINUSTAH, said on Friday.

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As the men's laughter grows in volume, a shirtless soldier kneels behind the man, slaps him and appears to thrust towards him.

She kept bringing up names and I would have no idea who she was talking about. These are the most important things in a true crime book and I feel like I didn’t get that information at all.

While she included all these unnecessary details, she didn’t include enough details about the important things like um… While I do believe that Amanda was guilty, this book still seemed quite bias, like the author had an ax to grind and included more opinion than fact which is never good in non-fiction. The blatant misrepresentations, outright mistakes and attempts at sensationalism are quite unbelievable.

There are helpful websites still extant outlining the talking points pro-innocence and pro-guilt.

Consult those before spending money on books, most of which are pretty dated.

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