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Physically speaking, this is what results in people. You take somebody who is just an energetic dullard — doesn’t practice yoga, doesn’t do tai chi, goes to martial arts and doesn’t know what the hell their sensei is saying when they say ki — just not tapped into that bodily energy at all.

I think during sex, even they feel the energy of the head and the way it moves in the belly, and gathers.

This is why in tantra sex is so important, because it’s in this moment that you can open up that door to light and clarity that some spend lifetimes trying to attain by being virtuous.

With these three factors in mind, sex is a very powerful tool for both attaining clarity and spiritual states and for performing magick in in the real world.

Practical application is rarely included in sex magick books, and it was great to see.

What made you decide to write a book on sex magick?

Free it from some of the alchemical language and Victorian morals that still follow it to this day.

You’ve mentioned a few of your influences, what others have influence the practice and what you teach in your book?

Integrate magick and passion, rather than separate them.

There are techniques that take it beyond what comes naturally to people and to make it better, different, last longer, open it up.

To make sex a more profound experience, ideally for everyone involved.

He’s been interviewed quite a bit lately in various podcasts (which I highly recommend checking out), and I wanted to take our talk in a new direction.

We chat about sex magick, the dangers of marathon sex sessions, and when it’s appropriate to let your partner know that you’re a wacky occult sex magician.

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