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My interview with Ethan Hawke does not get off to a good start.In fact, it nearly doesn’t get off to a start at all.I went to myself: “Wow man, I’m glad I didn’t get that part.” But you know, secretly, I couldn’t help thinking that if I had got it maybe I could have lived exactly the life I wanted to.That I would never have had to worry about my career. ’ Hawke says grinning on both sides of his face now. ’ His eye for ambivalence is as broad as it is sharp.More than any other actor of his generation, he’s had an ambivalent attitude towards fame, keenly aware of its pitfalls as well as its pleasures.

What I liked about Training Day was that there was a real darkness at the heart of it, and some Hollywood touches around the edges. I love the cop genre because it gives me an opportunity to play real human beings – people who aren’t superheroes, or zombies, or whatever. There have been two novels so far, both deservedly well-received.

I turn up in the restaurant in Paris where we have arranged to meet.

It’s a far from glamorous sort of place, a throwback to Fifties bohemia with faded posters on the walls, chequered tablecloths and a balding, ponytailed patron who beats the coffee grounds out of his espresso machine as if he’s settling a long-standing grudge.

How deliberately does he try to vary the mix and make sure his commercial profile stays reasonably high?

'I have this good fortune of engaging all these different things. It’s one that I’ve been able to divorce myself from on a personal level and try to be a craftsman about.

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