Error in validating the xml file against the latest schema

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The schema Location attribute specifies where to resolve the new schema.This is typically a relative path to the current schema document. NET framework (up to V 1.1) that doesn't allow URIs to be created with a single / as their first character.The XML schema element allows the inclusion of another XML schema file into the existing XML schema file.This is the basic element which allows a single schema to be broken up into multiple files.XML files have the option of specifying where their schema is by specifying it directly in the file.In this case, using a validating reader can not only verify that the schema is well formed, but can validate that it matches the schema—or at least that's the idea.In other words, namespaces allow the unique identification of a schema so it can be determined whether two or more XML files conform to the same schema.Most schemas just refer to a URL on the server of the company that publishes the schema.

It will try to resolve the URL and fetch the schema definition and will fail and promptly ignore the schema definition, expecting that you'll provide the schema yourself.However, as Web services grow and XML files become the mechanisms by which organizations interoperate, the importance of validating will grow substantially.Not only will the XML need to be well formed so that it can be read by an XML parser, but it must also be valid so you can be assured that you're getting the data that you're expecting.This causes an error when trying to process schemas that refer to included schemas from the root of a URL.This issue is expected to be fixed in the next major release of the . is used to include schema definitions from another namespace.

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