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Denis’ tactile approach to filmmaking is in full effect, the camera mapping out fragile bodies with careful, almost predatory attention, creating a discomfiting sense of intimacy.

TROUBLE EVERY DAY is a film felt as much as viewed, and when it reaches its bloody apex, that’s a truly frightening thing.

What makes Ford’s film so poignant and memorable is how it, and George, find beauty in the finer details – the blue of a young girl’s dress, the red of a woman’s lipstick or the haze of smoke exhaled from a man’s lips. Time passes (marked mostly by the changing styles of ties in a brilliant montage within the montage). Though most of the movie follows Carl without Ellie, that bond is always there, as symbolized by their adorable house, soaring through the sky on a cluster of balloons.

A Single Man reminiscences in what it’s like to fall in love again with the small moments of life even after we may have lost a bigger love. Carl and Ellie Fredricksen meet as children and fall in love. Carl’s story takes him around the world, where he encounters exotic animals and gets into sword fights with world-famous explorers.

Meanwhile, a French couple live in seclusion, the husband (Alex Descas) both caring for and imprisoning his wife (Béatrice Dalle, exuding a primal power) whose mysterious illness has reduced her to a vehicle for her own bloodlust.

Connections between these characters reveal themselves slowly; exposition here is a distant second to a deep sensuality in the truest sense of the word.

In less than four and a half minutes, director Pete Docter charts the entire arc of their relationship. But his life with Ellie remains his greatest adventure.

Upon its release, the film won the Brown Lion at the Gdańsk Film Festival, but has been all but forgotten today.

James Cameron tends to get talked about as a visuals-first filmmaker, but in Dated? There’s an ambitious cute kid who calls a radio station (a radio station! — , except that who you side with will change drastically depending on when in your life you watch it.

When you watch in your teens or early 20s, you’re obviously siding with Troy, the scruffy, unemployed slacker played by Ethan Hawke. As our own Britt Hayes once said, Troy isn’t the guy you settle with, he’s the guy you settle for.

To mark the conclusion of Spectacle’s 5th full calendar year of operation, our programming collective has selected their favorites from among our regular series features shown throughout the past 12 months.

The result, BEST OF SPECTACLE (aka Bo S2K15), provides an opportunity to revisit some of 2015’s greatest discoveries, thrills and audience-pleasers. LIVING STARS HARD TO BE A GOD YOU CALL THIS PROGRESS!?

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