Elaine dating keith hernendez

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George plots his revenge against his old boss, after he quits his job since he is demoted to use the regular bathroom.Newman plans on jumping off the apartment building.Jerry suspects that his laundromat owner is a thief.

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Jerry desperately tries to get his girlfriend, a masseuse, to give him a massage. George makes a girl believe that his parent's home is his.

Elaine then gets evicted for buzzing up a jewel thief on Thanksgiving, buzzing up Jehovah’s Witnesses, and for using Canadian quarters in the laundry machine.

Jerry's apartment gets robbed, so Jerry looks to move into an apartment that George, a real estate agent, shows him.

George tries to reconcile with Tony, but Tony and Elaine tell George to “step off” once and for all.

Elaine reveals she’s been subletting her apartment from Tina, who moved out four years earlier.

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