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Originally a tented camp (Fustat signifies "City of Tents") Fustat became a permanent settlement and the first capital of Islamic Egypt.In 750, following the overthrow of the Ummayad caliphate by the Abbasids, the new rulers created their own settlement to the northeast of Fustat which became their capital."One woman taught me how to use your mind to control yourself--she said, look, just concentrate! Now, I can resist for about an hour." "And Egyptian women? "They're all circumcised here, so when you sleep with a woman, it's like sleeping with a piece of wood.

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" "Mike", my driver in Luxor, leaned forward and gazed sincerely in my eyes. They have sex for two minutes, just to relieve themselves, and the women lie like boards.

And they just do it to care for their husband, and it only lasts two minutes.

Based on the realization that life is ultimately fair and just, the Justice card symbolizes balance, harmony, and fairness in our lives.

However, the origins of the modern city are generally traced back to a series of settlements in the first millennium.

Around the turn of the 4th century, the Romans established a fortress town along the east bank of the Nile.

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