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“The girls’ relationship with their moms is an important thread that runs throughout the play,” theater practitioner and trainer for Kranti, Jaya Iyer, said.

Rani Patil, 16, shares her real fears with the audience.

Now they’re taking their stories to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time.

– Audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world, may think they’ve seen everything.

But this year, women and girls from the red-light district of Mumbai will be treading the boards for the first time in the festival’s 70-year history.

Their play, “Lal Batti Express” (Red-Light Express), includes dancing, singing and storytelling.

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One of the actors, Sheetal Jain, identified this as her mother’s story too.

“Such interactions throughout the play help people realize that sex workers’ daughters are also people living in the same situations like you and me,” Chaurasiya said.

The Krantikaris also share their success stories toward healing in the play.

A United Nations report has found there are 3 million commercial sex workers in India, of which 40 percent are estimated to be children.

“For sex workers and their families, discrimination exists at every level, including education, healthcare, housing, job opportunities and even access to a bank loan or a passport,” said Robin Chaurasiya, Kranti’s cofounder. Nair, 20, is excited to go on to study theater in her freshman year at Wagner College in New York.

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