Ebay tracking not updating

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This can also happen any of the other Batch profile types including ODBC data sources and Shopping Carts.While updating shipment information to your store or database does not fail very commonly some reasons why it does occur include: I.Your source does not support the capability If you are printing postage from Pay Pal, you may notice that tracking number or the ship status does not get updated.This is because Pay Pal does not allow us to automatically return any shipping information to your account. Your postback data source has not been configured If you are using an ODBC connection you will need to set up a postback datasource in your profile so that infromation can be updated in your database.The seller must do the legwork to located the missing package or refund your money.If the seller does not set up and resolve the situation, contact e Bay customer service and ask for assistance.While Top Rated is an admirable status, many sellers cannot promise 1 day handling due to certain constraints.For example, if a seller also works a full-time job and travels, he may be away from his inventory and not be able to ship every day.

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When e Bay first started, the system is quite different than it is now.

Contact your seller and explain that the item hasn't arrived and it should have by now.

The seller can file a claim with the USPS or whatever carrier was involved.

It is the seller's responsibility to refund your money or find the package.

This is why tracking exists — so that packages don't get lost.

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