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By using the CAU Power Shell cmdlets that are listed in the following table, you can specify one or more plug-ins for an Updating Run or scan by passing the –Cau Plugin Name parameter.You can specify multiple plug-in names by separating them with commas.

My profile settings allow users to change basic account information and site preferences.This path is passed to the plug-in as the Hotfix Root Folder Path argument.You can choose one of several structures for the hotfix root folder, according to your updating needs, as shown in the following examples.If you specify multiple plug-ins, you can also control how the plug-ins influence each other during an Updating Run by specifying the -Run Plugins Serially, -Stop On Plugin Failure, and –Separate Reboots parameters.For more information about using multiple plug-ins, use the links provided to the cmdlet documentation in the following table.

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