Divorce rebound dating

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You may be afraid that no one will ever find you attractive again. If you are dating so that you don't have to come to terms with the end of your marriage, this new relationship is probably not going to last.

While it may be tempting to seek a new partner immediately, a better course of action would be to postpone dating someone new until some time has passed.

It may not sound very sexy, but finding a person with similar interests and values means that your relationship is more likely to be a long-term one than simply relying on physical attraction to determine you level of compatibility.

Dating after divorce can be challenging, that's for sure.

Conversely, one might forget or neglect the new partner when happy. Losing A Self‐Expanding Relationship: Implications For The Self‐Concept.

The relationship is one of emotional convenience, where the rebounding person is associating with the new partner because of NEED, rather than WANT. You Want to Show Off Your New Partner to Your Ex One of the most telling signs of a rebound relationship is when the rebounding partner makes a concerted effort to show off the new partner to her or his ex.

(Some experts recommend waiting 12 months before becoming involved with someone new.) The period immediately following a divorce will have enough changes in it that adding the pressure of a new relationship isn't fair to you or the person you are involved with.

Being married is a big part of a person's identity, and you now need to figure out who you are outside of the marital relationship.

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At that point, being alone is the last thing you want to do.You need to take the time to understand why your marriage ended and to grieve your loss.You may want to blame your spouse for the demise of your marriage, but the fact is that both parties contributed to the breakup.While one can make a case that there’s nothing inherently wrong with short-term relationships between adults, to enter into one immediately after a break-up is to increase emotional and physical vulnerability, for the rebounding person and/or the new partner. You Like the Relationship for the Attention Sometimes, a person on the rebound will deliberately seek out a new partner who makes a strong effort at courtship, and showers the rebounding individual with interest and affection. Having someone who treats you special can certainly be uplifting, especially in the aftermath of heartache.

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