Display name in active directory not updating Sexcamchats

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It might seem as if displayname would alter the name as it is displayed, but that is not the case at all. If you want to manually update the user account name displayed in ADUC, you will find it hard to manually modify the cn and name attributes, as cn states it is a system attribute and the name attribute is grayed out. Altering the displayed name in ADUC by clicking on the name one time.

Figure 2 shows you that the user object attribute for displayname is modified, but Figure 3 clearly shows you that the ADUC interface does not show this name. So, instead, you can click one time on the name in ADUC, then input the name you desire. After you hit Enter to agree, the Rename User dialog will show, which you can see in Figure 5. Modifying the displayed name in ADUC will initiate the Rename User dialog.

The user's previous primary email address is retained as an additional email address.

So my question is how can I make this screen reflect the updated name? The issue was discovered within a software solution integrated with the active directory (AD).(Note, you can also right-click on the displayed user name and select Rename.) As you can see, the Full name attribute is what is being altered.If you try to go to the user account attributes to see the updated Full name entry, you will find it impossible to find Full name (or any variation of that name). cn and name are altered when you rename a user account. Imagine you need to update the displayed name for 1000 users in ADUC.Also, do not reuse old SMTP email addresses and apply them to new accounts.This can also cause NDR failures or delivery to an unintended mailbox.

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