Disable dating in hope

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I haven't posted it in my profile here as i've been on other sites that i did and got no replies at all.If i do correspond with anyone, i'm always honest and tell them within the first few mails which 99% will run a mile.They DONT need anyone's pity, I for one wouldn't dream of treating my friends differently, they are ALL the same.I'm not registered disabled but like quite a few on here have a well dodgy back problem and which also stops me from working.So ......I have a disability i am deaf in my left ear, vanity and some peoples ignorance prevents me wearing my hearing aid, i have found in the past whilst wearing my aid that some have a negative attitude towards me, I am far from different nor stupid as some may think.

Theres a whole list of topics that I dont find funny, but I wouldnt prevent you from finding humour in themi have had and still have disabled friends and some of the posts on here amaze me just because someone is not able bodied they are seen by some as not a worthy member of society what next dating sites for gays because they offend blacks because they are not the same skin colourjews , muslims , hindu's because they have different religeous views i for one would not and do not judge someone until i know them , if i were to meet a disabled woman and she " pushed my buttons " then i would date her .I don't think I have ever seen any disabled peoples profiles on POF so why is this?It made me think when I watched the programme how people on here who are able bodied complain so much about finding a date.People with Disabilities have a hard enough time as it is.. message 11, hi i,m also deaf in right ear and have been since i was 3 yrs old, i know what you mean about peoples ignorance ,its not on my profile, i tell people when they message me,i,m not ashamed to be deaf its not my fault ,and i have the uttermost respect for anyone that has the patience to bare with us , chin up theres a lot worse off than us, do not stop wearing your aid , just because of peoples ignorance , if they dont like it sod em, OK hope this does not upset anyone, I have nothing to hide just dont have a pic of myself alone in a wheelchair.This is one taken at Blackpool with some of my friends.

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