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The film centers on Samantha Kingston (Deutch), a high school senior who finds that she may be living the last day of her life over and over until she gets it right.

In addition, she recently starred, opposite her sister Madelyn Deutch in The Year of Spectacular Men, which was the feature directorial debut of their mother Lea Thompson, and written by her sister.

In 2014, Deutch played the lead role in the Weinstein Company's Vampire Academy.

He next appeared in producer Joel Silver's The Losers, for Warner Bros.

He currently stars as Negan on the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead.

Morgan starred in Warner Bros.' Watchmen: Die Wächter, director Zack Snyder's (300) adaptation of the iconic graphic novel.

Deutch co-stars in Richard Linklater's latest film, Everybody Wants Some!!

, a film about a group of college kids navigating their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood.

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