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The rumor was so prominent that both stars addressed it in the national press and considered filing lawsuits over the matter, with Nabors telling a newspaper syndicate in 1971 that: [More] recently, [Nabors] and Rock Hudson have been the victims of a vicious, unfounded and unwarranted story linking them with a non-existent homosexual marriage. Nabors confided that his first reaction to the story was to sue for libel and slander, a tactic currently being pursued by Rock Hudson who has reportedly hired a battery of lawyers to gather evidence (or lack of evidence) for a future legal battle.“But,” he said, “[my manager] talked me out of it.” “That’s right,” his manager added. ” All it would accomplish would be to draw attention to it. Nobody cares and they have ten lawsuits in front of you.In addition, Colin and his wife Kaye Dee have served many years in Christian ministry, culminating in their latest adventure: The Foundation for Global Education.

Did the mental image of a bridal-gowned Jim Nabors hinder his career? Neither did similarly titillating thoughts help Hudson, who was then battling to keep knowledge of his sexual orientation quiet lest it wipe out his career.News that Rock Hudson was a homosexual long ago fell into the province of common knowledge, but at the time of the Nabors-Hudson marriage rumor Hudson’s public acknowledgement of his homosexuality was still fifteen years away.Hudson’s short-lived 1955 marriage to secretary Phyllis Gates (which insiders claimed had been arranged by his studio to quell rumors) and other carefully managed publicity efforts were largely successful in deflecting gossip about Hudson’s sexual preferences until the terminally ill actor shattered his lifetime secret by announcing he was dying of AIDS.As Rock Hudson reported about the tale’s origins: or so. It’s an engraved invitation, and to make it amusing they will say, ‘You’re cordially invited to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in Huntington Beach.’ One year the invitation was, ‘You are cordially invited to the wedding reception of Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors.’ And it went all over the country. A fan magazine picked up on the invites and ran an item which named no names but alluded to the wedding of two same-sex stars.Other gossipmongers spread the word, including a Chicago disk jockey who described the participants as “sort of the rock of Hollywood” and “a plain would hereinafter be known as “Rock Pyle,” once again proving the adage no joke is so obvious that some won’t get it. “It’s like a nightmare, a bad dream.” “It’s so ridiculous, yet so horrible, I really don’t know what to say. But how do you convince people of something like that? ” The story of Nabors’ supposed affiliation with Hudson began several months ago when a fan magazine carried an article which, without mentioning any names, led readers to believe it was written about Nabors and Hudson.

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