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Preoperative assessment of the patient's expressing capabilities, educational background, and basic understanding ability can help in deciding the required level of preoperative training.Appointment of a sign language or communication specialist can help in establishing an effective communication between the patient and the healthcare provider.Postoperatively, the patient should be kept awake, enough to understand the internal need of the body and to make a meaningful response to external stimuli.Adequate preoperative planning and coordinated team efforts with involvement of specialists can help in delivering better postoperative care.The author feels it is the first case report of management of a deaf and dumb patient undergoing cardiac surgery.A 45-year-old, deaf and dumb male patient of low socioeconomic strata was admitted with a history of easy fatigability and breathlessness on less than ordinary activities (New York Heart Association functional class-III/IV).

Due to the poor educational background of patient's wife and other relatives, a sign language specialist was appointed to communicate as well as train the patient.Keywords: Congenital deafness; Deaf and dumb; Perioperative challenges; Perioperative management How to cite this article: Chowdhry V, Padhi M, Mohanty B B, Biswal S.Perioperative challenges in management of a deaf and dumb patient posted for high-risk cardiac surgery.On further enquiring, it was found that the patient was deaf and dumb since birth and was working as a motor mechanic.The parents of the patient were healthy with no hearing or speech defect and had five children, three sons and two daughters.

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