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Eve and Matt hang out near a bus stop until they're spotted by a bus driver and flee.

They see a group of protesters trying to protect a tree from construction works, and Eve joins their protest.

She attends Eden Heights High School with her two best friends: Matt, who dreams of becoming a dancer one day, and Sylvie, who is only interested in boys and is supposedly in 'love' with Jared Preston, though Eve finds him disturbing.

Eve's parents are divorced but live next door to each other: Eve lives with her mother and younger brother Caleb; her older brother Ned ('King of the Couch Potatoes') lives with their father and his new girlfriend Alannah.

Meanwhile, Sylvie's Yoga-enthusiast parents monitor her food intake, but Sylvie says she's fine as she is.

Eve returns to school dressed quite differently; she does catch Adam's eye, but doesn't notice his annoyed expression.

(Especially when in the course of being 'bad,' she ends up getting involved in something good.)The day before the big Social dance evening, the robotic principal warns all the students about being too intimate with one another at the event.

This only gives Eve the urge to kiss Adam, and she confesses to viewers that she has only kissed 3 boys.

Eve politely declines, so Matt sabotages the party: everybody flees because someone had 'crapped' in the pool (Matt had actually thrown a sausage into it).

Eve's mother is a caterer and her father is a plumber.

Eve dreams of her perfect match, but when presenting speeches on Modern Romances, she expresses her doubts about love. Sylvie, Matt, Adam, and most of the Eden Heights High student body are invited to beautiful, popular, blonde Charlotte's party—except for Eve and other so-called 'geeks'.

The next day, Adam and her English teacher commend her for her protest speech.

Eve realizes that she cannot be the 'bad' girl: just being the girl she has always been, like everyone knows her, is enough.

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