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We all know what it tastes like, thanks for sharing.

Thankfully, there are places out there on t3h internetz that are designed to help the fashion-challenged graduate into adults.

We sat down and my eyes hung open like I had just come off a heroin binge.

I was in so much agony that each swallow caused tears to well up and my body would start shaking uncontrollably to get my mind off of it.

The night started out routine, in where I arrive, pay for my own first drink and hope that the alcohol I consumed pre-bar kicks in and spending 6.50 for a crappy vodka & tonic would be justified.

Standing with a group of friends and awaiting my turn to sing, this tall gentlemen kept looking in my direction. Then AC comes up and mentions how he is the roommate of a friend of hers, and would I like to be fixed up.

I just stood there, thanking the diety I believe in that the bar was not only dark, but loud as hell so he couldn't hear me mumbling, "Oh. God."To be fair, I was wearing a t-shirt from Pier 39 that had, "I *insert recycling symbol here* BOYS" plastered across my chest. Plus, I hadn't been home since Friday morning and ran out of clean clothes to wear.

You would think that this dinner was already unbearable--to be in the middle of a packed restaurant, shaking, crying, moaning in pain and arguing with my dad about going back to school (even though we were already there). I look over and there is a Bachelorette party at the table next to us. What are they doing having a bachelorette party at an Applebees?Not a date (I'm not FROM the south, just went to school there). My throat was a bit scratchy, and when we landed and got Dairy Queen as a snack, it hurt even more.The summer in between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college was awful. About 12 hours later, my throat was full blown inflammed and I could hardly put any food down without feeling like someone was stabbing me in the jugular. Maybe it was God's way of saying, "This physical pain is only the beginning. These poor souls who grow up in small towns tend to not see the fine line between what's okay and just plain shameful behavior. It starts tonight."There is something for everyone in this fair city, but some people don't have it so lucky.

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