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Okay, so I took a girl to the movies last summer, and well it could of gone better, she said she had an okay time and so I thought maybe I'd call her at least once more, we also message each other over the summer, but nothing much.

Well, when I got back to school she basically had a friend tell me she did not like me. Thanks for all the answers, I guess what I'm getting is that's its my fault.

Her fruity lipgloss made its way into my nostrils and my mouth watered at the thought of kissing her.

"Don't deny that you want to sleep with Hannah Montague, Ben," she said what I was thinking.

Not a chance in hell." Delilah wiped the corner of her eye. " I asked just to make sure I was hearing everything correctly. It's a shame you don't try in class." Delilah patted my cheek and I shrugged her hand off in response.

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