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Mahiro and Yoshino seem like complete opposites, but they ended up being good friends. Mahiro was upset after finding out that Yoshino dated his sister, but accepted it.He also cares deeply for Yoshino and won't let anyone hurt him.In the manga, Yoshino points out that Mahiro has a photographic memory. He cared a lot for her, even though he was complaining about her bad personality.

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A determined Mahiro then tells Yoshino the reason as to why he's back: he returned with the only goal to kill Aika's murderer and to save the world in the process.Mahiro also stated that he would kill Hakaze if she is the one who murdered his sister.Falling in love with someone is an intense experience that cannot be matched with anything of its kind. If you fall in love for the first time you experience countless unique and individual emotions.His level of intelligence is extremely high, as supported by Yoshino.In the manga, Yoshino mentions that Mahiro is among the top scorers in the country because of his photographic memory.

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