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Putin repeatedly emphasizes that limited resources need to be more efficiently used, and plans must be implemented.Those unable to deliver results – even if they are close to the president – are being relieved of their jobs.Yevgeniy Murov, long-serving head of the Federal Protection Service, recently retired and Igor Sergun, the head of military intelligence, died in January.And Putin has fired Evgeny Dod, chairman of the board of managers of Rushydro, (he has been subsequently arrested on charges of fraud), and Vladimir Dmitriev, head of VEB.Among Putin’s long-term allies, Vladimir Yakunin lost his position as head of Russian Railways in autumn 2015, Viktor Ivanov retired this spring, and Andrei Belyaninov, head of the Federal Customs Service since 2006, resigned amid a scandal this summer.Meanwhile, Sergei Ivanov’s move to presidential envoy for ecology and transport is to date the most high-profile of all these moves.The firings of Dod, Dmitriev and in the Baltic fleet appear to fit this category, as do, perhaps, Yakunin and Belyaninov.

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It's not possible just to close eyes and to see it and to think 'we Russians are the best' or 'we Americans are the best' or 'we Europeans are the best' – look at the figures," he argued. And now Putin has removed Sergei Ivanov, a member of his core St Petersburg team, from the position of Chief of the Presidential Administration.The exact reasons for his move to environment and transport remain opaque, but officially it appears to be part of a plan: he stated that he and Putin had a long-standing agreement that he should serve four years in the position, and that the move has been in the offing for some months.In autumn 2014, Viktor Zolotov, long-serving head of the presidential body guard, was appointed to the position of first deputy minister of the interior and commander of the interior troops; and then in April this year, he was appointed to command the newly established National Guard. Formerly a commander of the special operations force division of the interior ministry, he was appointed presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District in spring 2014.In July, he was appointed first deputy commander of the National Guard.

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