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Yet, we spend most of our married life doing things – making breakfast, going to office, sending the kids to school.

And in doing these ordinary tasks we display our love, respect and consideration towards one other.

You need a life partner who can deal with bad situations in a cool and composed manner. All of us like to be left alone at times – but mingling with others is part of our social world.

Partners who stick with you most of the time on a trek will either be a pain later or are faking it. Does your partner pick up fallen chocolate wrappers on the trek?

The more cooperative the partner, the safer is your future. On a trek, times will come when things go out of control. Show frustration and complain or try to make the best of the situation? When at camp, does your partner spend time talking with others and learning from them or does your partner like to be alone or sticks with you.

Among their interests the two boys enjoyed girl-watching, but the elder Sisko had worried about Nog's too-great influence in everything from staying up too late to girls to a lack of ethics.

He need not: Jake had already learned his dad's values of tolerance, kindness and honesty and is responsible with his own priorities between work and play.

Jake recalls his first date was to be in early 2370 with a Bajoran girl, Laira, but it was called off when her father forbid it amid the growing xenophobia fanned by The Circle faction at the time.

His next known "date" a few months later was with Mardah, a Dabo girl, then 19; supposedly just tutoring her in entomology, he soon decided she was the love of his life and wanted his dad to have her for dinner.

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