Dating someone with a stutter

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One hundred and thirty-two college students responded to a 19-item survey questionnaire.Survey items included questions about participants' familiarity with persons who stutter, family and/or personal history of stuttering, knowledge of stuttering behaviors, beliefs about the cause of stuttering, whether they would date a person who stutters, and factors that would influence their decision to date or not date a PWS.Unfortunately, if a person does not do what needs to be done in his life, there will be painful regrets and disappointments.Eventually, he or she will be brave enough to post a personal profile on some dating site.Results indicated that approximately 30 percent of respondents stated they would date a person who stuttered.

For instance, people can talk about things that were helpful to them in dealing with this condition.Thus, we stay away from many social events, not just dating.We depend on some stuttering therapy to correct our stammer.However, this person will eventually realize that mostly leftovers that nobody really wants are available for him to date.By the way, can some support group members help you to select the best stuttering therapy for you and provide some emotional support as you are going through treatment?

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