Dating someone with a baby mama

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Now I have tried to tell him that I’ve had his back since day one but am I wrong for just being TIRED and NOT CARING anymore? I’ve put up with her constant disrespect and flat-out bullsh*t.I’m NOT going to leave my husband but I just feel like showing him some tough love and having him handle that all by himself.They stayed together during her pregnancy and a little over a year after that. Honestly, we hooked up a few times during both of our relationships with other people (always safe) but that was up until he told me about the other baby.My husband is a “Stand Up Guy” who filed Child Support on himself shortly after we split and he had his third child added as soon as he was born (he & Rebound were still together). We got back together maybe a month or so after he split with Ms. A year later we got married and one year after that we had our third child together. They were supposed to have a mutual agreement as far as the child was concerned. Rebound knew the only way to get to my husband was through their son.ABDLmatch is your premier Adult Baby Diaper Lover dating site.

So after that phone call my husband decides to give Ms. When she finally answered he confronted her with everything he had just been told.

Don’t get me wrong prayer action = results *shrugs* well that’s what I always say.

Last year she was still keeping his son away from him.

So she started saying we couldn’t pick him, you’ll never see him again, blah, blah, blah.

Then she would send text messages to our phones just wanting to pick her son up for no reason.

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