Dating someone who needs therapy

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If you tend to function as an anxious person in relationships, you may have learned from past relationships that you're too much to handle or that you can't rely on other people to stick around when things get tough.

I know how hard it can be in a new relationship to not compare the behaviors of your new partner to past partners.

You are probably a really good support for your partner as well as your friends.

You pay close attention to the details in the lives of those you care about.

Especially, in a new relationship (within the first few months) there are lots of things that may cause your anxiety to spike. What if you need something from your partner but you’re not sure how to express it to them?

You will have to get good at asking for what you need and teaching someone how to best take care of you. Being vulnerable takes courage and practicing it with someone that you’re still getting to know takes even more courage.

What if your partner is dealing with their own hardships and needs to take some time to themselves to figure things out?

You want to learn what's going on so that you can "fix" it.

However, this action of charging forward could backfire on you.

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