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Ghost 8 and later are Windows programs; as such, they can run on Windows PE, Bart PE or Hiren's Boot CD and use the same plug and play hardware drivers as a standard desktop computer, making hardware support for Ghost much simpler.

Norton Ghost 2003, a consumer edition of Ghost, was released on September 6, 2002.

The additional memory available allows Ghost to provide several levels of compression for images, and to provide the file browser.

In 1998, Ghost 4.1 supports password-protected images. Unlike the text-based user interface of earlier versions, 5.0 uses a graphical user interface (GUI).

However, a version of Ghost 8.0 is included on the Ghost 9 recovery disk to support existing Ghost customers.

The first versions of Ghost supports only the cloning of entire disks.

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Ghost could clone a disk or partition to another disk or partition or to an image file.Driver selection and configuration within DOS was non-trivial from the beginning, and the limited space available on floppy disks made disk cloning of several different disk controllers a difficult task, where different SCSI, USB, and CD-ROM drives were involved.Mouse support was possible but often left out due to the limited space for drivers on a floppy disk.After the Symantec acquisition, a few functions (such as translation into other languages) were moved elsewhere, but the main development remained in Auckland until October 2009 at which time much was moved to India. On August 2, 2004, Norton Ghost 9.0 was released as a new consumer version of Ghost, which is based on Power Quest′s Drive Image version 7, and provides Live imaging of a Windows system.Ghost 9 continues to leverage the Power Quest file format, meaning it is not backward compatible with previous versions of Ghost.

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