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Online dating isn't much different than the dating experience in engineering school.

There simply aren't enough women to go around and once the truly scary ones are removed consideration the numbers are so bad that the lotto looks like it has better odds. There are twice as many men than women in my age range (21 - 29).

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It's been known since 1662 that more boys than girls are born, so the number is almost always greater than 1 until you get up to age ranges where the fact that males die more and earlier starts to have an effect.I look at the very long topic of where men claim women have it made in online dating or even in dating in general, and the back and forth agreement/disagreement it became.In the arguments I've seen on other venues, the typical words come out about how men outnumber women on dating sites, some claiming ratios of 5 to 1 or even 20 to 1 of men to women on these sites. I think that 20:1 ratio represents the number of fat, bald, short, old, and broke men who want thin, long haired, tall, young, and rich women.About a dozen factors have been identified which affect the sex ratio.I don't know anything in particular about Canada, but I'd be extremely skeptical about any ratio down in the 0.94 range like the one mentioned.

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