Dating site on drupal

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And then in the types you could add a date type and you would select a particular format, and here's the one I just added and you could create a new type.

And then this new type is one that you can use in various places of configuration, like for example how you want to display a date in a view.

Once we've taken a complete tour of the interface changes in Drupal 8, we will look at how to migrate your data, themes and custom modules over to 8.

This series will be most valuable to those with previous experience working with Drupal 7, either as a site builder, back end or front end developer.

The first part of this series is focused on site building, and the later videos will assume some familiarity with programming and Drupal 7 theming.

The reason I'm using scheduled posts function is simple - Already for last 18 months I'm publishing at least one article per day (holidays including).

The things is - though I have managed to keep up with my goal to publish an article everyday, I doubt I would reach my goal without using this useful cheat.

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