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The two also seem unaware of personal space, because they often touch each other's shoulders and stand really close together constantly.Zander has also called Stevie "Beautiful" and the "Toughest Girl" he knows.He is a bit obsessed with looking at himself and is sort of a player.

It is very possible that Kacey likes him, as you can see that in 'How to Rock a Love Song' Kasey seems slightly sad when it isnt her.They have shown they have the strongest romantic connection in the series.It has been rumoured that they might have possible crushes on each other, and many fans of the show predict that Zander and Stevie would've became a canon couple if HTR had a season 2.He also makes her lead singer in Gravity 4 and it becomes Gravity 5.They've stuck together through everything from the start and are willing to be the best friends they can even if that means sacrifice.

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