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Chen does employ splattered ink in a manner known in China as “pomo,” which may remind some of an American painter notorious for heavy drinking — Jackson Pollock.

But in fact, “Nine Dragons” is remarkable not only for its invention, humor, and sheer vitality, but for its detail and unerring technical control. You will gain immeasurably, and it will have a profound effect on your appreciation of other Chinese art. CHINESE SONG DYNASTY GALLERY At Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave.

Its production in the imperial kiln in Ruzhou came to an abrupt end when the invading Jurchen soldiers destroyed the palace, the kiln, and all but about 100 Ru ceramics.The emperor’s efforts, which built on advances by predecessors dating back 200 years to the first Song Emperor Taizu, helped make Song a golden era of Chinese culture.But all this did little to safeguard imperial borders, or even the capital.The most obvious, dominating the room, is a magnificent painted wood sculpture, Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion.This Buddhist work was made from paulownia wood in a town about 200 miles north of the Song capital, Bianjing, at more or less the same time that Emperor Huizong’s government was overthrown.

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