Dating penfriend to write to

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This helps your vocabulary, idioms, natural syntax, etc., and you will also get some practice writing in your practicing language, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.More reasons to use both languages, especially during live practice.The scheme is fully funded, with optional meet-up events being held during the course of the academic year.Students are given historical images of Yorkshire at the start of the project and are encouraged to share these images in these letters.You should give each other a little feedback on your writing.If you have a particular area that you want to work on, such as verb tenses, gender, sentence structure, expressions, spelling, etc., you can ask your partner to pay closer attention to that area when giving corrections.In your emails, we strongly recommend that you write in both languages.

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Now in its third year, the project has seen 140 people write to one another so far.Here, you can find international penpals quickly and easily!You can search by many criteria to quickly find a penpal you want.Remember, an advantage of a language exchange is the opportunity to learn and exchange all aspects of a language and culture.As for content, you can let yourselves be guided by your natural curiosity, but we recommend that you also use the games, activities and conversation questions in the Chat Companion.

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