Dating older men bad

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I guess Catherine Zeta-Jones, Amanda Ferry and the other women stung by older men have experienced something similar.

For, as men grow older, they grow angry and stubborn.

By then, my male contemporaries had married and started families, as well as successful careers.

Feeling the loss of his own career, he belittled mine and attempted to end it, even deleting emails from my employers.When I asked where her husband was, she replied he was having treatment for prostate cancer.When I asked after her children, she revealed they didn’t have any. The financier was a military buff and the lawyer liked mechanical birds.At the time, I sincerely believed, to paraphrase Mae West, it’s not the age of the men in your life, it’s the life — or high life — in your men.For, mea culpa, money was an attraction; when I was 30, I fell for a successful financier of 55 — the same age Michael Douglas was at his wedding to Catherine.

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