Dating my marshall cabinet

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The model code changed slightly from earlier models, and these codes were both used into the late 1970s.

This new number contains two letters and 10 digits, wihch is applied to all amps and speaker cabinets.The last four digits indicate the serial number/production rank.The last digit indicates what voltage the amp is set for: A - 230V (U. S.)C - 220/50 (Canada)D - 105/50/60 (Japan)E - 220/60 (Europe)F - 130/60 (Mexico)Z - used on models where there is no power such as speaker cabinets. C-20-E is an amp built in China in the ninth week of 2003 and the voltage is set for Europe use.Up until 1983, the order is model code, serial number, then date code.In 1984, it changed to model code, date code, and serial number. Examples: SL/A G 10058 is a 100W Super Lead produced in 1975.

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