Dating in midlife

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Turning Fantasy to Reality Tip: When the waiter looks at you, if you haven’t asked the woman what they want, at least have the decency to nod toward your date so they can order first. Just in case they are psycho killers, I don’t want them to have my address, but the fantasy that I have is they walk me to my car to make sure I don’t get raped and murdered in a dark parking lot or parking garage.

Turning Fantasy to Reality Tip: This is not an invitation for you to stick your tongue down my throat, just a courtesy to let me know you care about my safety a touch more than your own. Turning Fantasy to Reality Tip: Not every interaction needs to be a text, but I like to hear the voice of the dude I am meeting out, and at least when you are making a plan, make a call.

Turning Fantasy to Reality Tip: If you have to check your phone, at the very least explain why and apologize afterward.Then, when you are done, if you REALLY can’t keep your phone tucked away, lay it upside down on the table.On a first date, I’m not interested in your entire history of dating and marriage. I want to know about them, but I don’t need to see them.When ordering at a restaurant, I love when the man asks me what I want and then orders for me, but what I love even more is when I get to order first!I don’t know if the reality of this is the wait staff looking at the man for guidance, so they order first, or it’s just a fantasy that can’t be fulfilled.

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