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His execution on January 5, 1993, was the first legal hanging in the United States since 1965. Dominique of Houma, LA confessed to murdering 23 men over the past nine years and dumping their bodies in sugarcane fields, ditches and small bayous in six southeast Louisiana parishes. He did not want to return to jail after raping the men.

More: Profile of Ronald Dominique Mack Ray Edwards confessed to molesting and murdering six children in Los Angeles County between 19.

More: Serial Killer Herb Baumeister Around the neighborhood he was considered odd but was liked and participated in organizing a local community crime watch programs, but he was one of the most barbarous serial killers in U. history, who participated in vile acts of sexual torture and murder.

More: Profile of Robert Berdella David Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam, is an infamous 1970s New York City serial killer who killed six people and wounded several others because a demon dog told him to do it.

Scott Erskine was convicted and received the death penalty for the murders of two California boys in 1993.More: Profile of David Berkowitz Arthur Gary Bishop went from being an honor student, Eagle Scout and teenage missionary to an obsessed pedophile and child killer, which he later attributed to the pornography that he was to exposed to while growing up.More: Profile of Gary Bishop William Bonin was a habitual sex offender turned serial killer, suspected of sexually assaulting, torturing and killing at least 21 boys and young men in California.More: Convicted Killer Admits 49 Murders In 1984, at age 21, Debra Brown became involved in a master/slave relationship with habitual killer and rapist Alton Coleman and the two went on a massive killing, raping and torture spree across the midwest.More: Profile of Debra Brown He was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics. Ted Bundy screamed his innocence until his death in the electric chair became imminent, then he tried to use his victims one last time. was, along with his cousin Kenneth Bianchi, one of the Hillside Stranglers who went on a two month rape, torture and murder spree in 1977, in California. Richard Chase (May 23, 1950 – December 26, 1980) earned the nickname "The Vampire of Sacramento" after brutally killing six people, including a child and an infant, then drank their blood and ate some of their organs.

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