Dating fender bassman silverface

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Everybody has that “Holy Grail” sound in their head, so thank you for helping me and so many others in our quest!

Kirby Hi Kirby, Thanks for reading and thanks for writing.

Next, locate the two 47k resistors that are connected to the plates (pins 1 and 6) of V3.

Remove these and, in their place, install an 82k resistor in the position connected to pin 1, and a 100k in the position connected to pin 6.

Next, you’ll need to replace the capacitor located on the Studio channel’s Bright switch.

Finally, we need to open up the response and feel of the output stage a bit.

To do this, you’ll need to change the grid and plate resistors in the phase inverter.

Another change you can make is to locate the 0.0047 capacitor that connects the Treble pot wiper to the CW leg of the Volume pot.

This cap is limiting some of the Studio channel’s frequency range, and removing it and replacing it with a short wire will give the channel additional punch.

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