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Trying to fit in only left me feeling rejected, unwanted, and alone.

When I finally began to embrace authenticity and stop hiding from the real me, I was able to attract my dream partner and build an amazing life with our 2 terrific kids.

Body Image, Body Language, Codependency, Communication Problems, Control Issues, Dating/Being Single Support, Empowering Men, Empowering Women, Financial Planning & Wealth Management, Financial Stress, Financial Well Being, Happiness, LGBT Issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), Matchmaking, Online Dating, Relationships, Self-Compassion, Self-Esteem, Sexuality, Spiritual Dating Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Matchmakerwill shatter the myths about dating and inspire women and men to consciously find and create the lasting love they really want. Radical Dating is a revolutionary approach to dating involving a specific mindset, dating strategies, self-discovery, life choices, understanding of relationships and the basic skills needed for successful dating and relationships.

Most women, especially women over 40, prefer committed relationships, yet we live in a time where more adults are single (47%) and fewer are getting married (51%) than ever in history.

Using her unconventional methods, including Hypnosis NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Feng Shui consulting, she helps men and women all over the world find that special someone in a holistic and totally unique manner.

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Completely transform your dating life forever in simply five days and you can forget the bars and clubs!

Finding a girlfriend is no easy feat despite the modern times. You must first fall in love to get into a relationship. Once she does miss you she will realize that she really likes you. Just because you hangout with each other a lot doesn’t mean you’re a couple already.

Kezia’s honest and direct feedback and advice along with some of the best tips has earned her the reputation as “the woman all men should go to” Her online videos on You Tube have attracted over 22 MILLION views in counting, which has lead to much media interest as well as a strong following of support from both men and women worldwide.

“I believe men have become grown tired of the vague and generic advices that most coaches hand out, and are now seeking advice, feedback , methods and skills which tackle common sticking points men face such as: I show men how they can be better with women, regardless of how they look or their lack of experience.

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