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Cousseran reorganized the agency to improve the flow of information, This came during a period when the French government was formed as a cohabitation between left and right parties.

Cousseran, linked to the Socialist Party, was therefore obliged to appoint Jean-Pierre Pochon of the Gaullist RPR as head of the Intelligence Directorate.

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Chouet began writing reports to Cousseran that by-passed his immediate superior, Pochon.

The French equivalent to the United Kingdom's MI6 and the United States' CIA, the DGSE operates under the direction of the French Ministry of Defence and works alongside its domestic counterpart, the DGSI (General Directorate for Internal Security), in providing intelligence and safeguarding national security, notably by performing paramilitary and counterintelligence operations abroad.

As with most other intelligence agencies, details of its operations and organization are not made public.

The agency was conventionally run by French military personnel until 1999, when former diplomat Jean-Claude Cousseran was appointed its head.

Cousseran had served as an ambassador to Turkey and Syria, as well as a strategist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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