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Once a Fijian couple marries they are officially viewed as adult members of the community as they are given mats and other items to begin their lives together in one home.Marriage among ethnic Fijians also forever links families as the two families will communicate more and act as one extended family.Immigrants have accepted several aspects of the indigenous culture, but a national culture has not evolved.Commercial, settler, missionary, and British colonial interests imposed Western ideologies and infrastructures on the native peoples and Asian immigrants that facilitated the operation of a British crown colony.Today dating is becoming more common and many young people want more freedom to date and marry who they please, but most families still help with this process.Once a couple decides to marry (and today most couples make this decision although arranged marriages do still exist), they have a wedding ceremony.English is the language of interethnic communication, administration, government, trade and commerce, and education.

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In both these cultures marriage is important to the families of the individuals and in both cultures the families get intimately involved in who their child marries.

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The Republic of the Fiji Islands is a multicultural island nation with cultural traditions of Oceanic, European, South Asian, and East Asian origins.

Some became merchants and business-people, others remained on the land as free peasant cultivators.

The early immigrants were joined later by freely-migrating people from India's merchant castes, mostly from Gujarat.

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