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He was less interested in learning pickup lines and routines than he was in retraining his brain; he wanted to project self-confidence.

Today, that’s what he teaches—that if you feel good about yourself, you’ll have an easier time with the opposite sex. A naturally outgoing person, Irenstein learned quickly and his dating life began to thrive.

” to the commonplace concerns of men on the New York dating scene: “How many dates before I should allow her to split the check?

” Irenstein doesn’t just answer their questions about the game; he shoves the men out onto the field.

OTD’ers who come to Irenstein never had the awkward, albeit formative, experiences the rest of us had—slow-dancing with some height-inappropriate partner in seventh grade, locking braces with someone in the back of a movie theater, getting to “second base.” Their questions for Irenstein range from the peculiar such as, “Is it OK to pay a girl to go out with me?His main focus is _to give men and women the knowledge, truth, and confidence to understand what they want.î Part of his approach to dating and the dating game (multiple datingÛ) can be seen as counter-streaming, even controversial, but remains insightful for people who aren’t ready to settle with one person or have not found the one yet.Dating coaches offer coaching and related products and services to improve their clients' success in dating and relationships.Once they’ve gone off the path, for a variety of reasons including loss of faith, distaste for the lifestyle, and longing to educate themselves beyond the Jewish texts, OTD’ers are like immigrants in the secular world, unsure of the language and customs of dating, battling the voices of their parents and rabbis, who warned them that touching the opposite sex before marriage would incur God’s wrath.“There are three problems specific to the ex-religious when they first try to date,” Irenstein says.

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