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He examined sex ads placed online around the time of the 2008 conventions in St. But Cunningham believes where there's smoke there's fire.He focused on prostitution and escort services, which are illegal and have public health implications. But if past conventions are any indicator, Republicans are likely to outspend Democrats heavily at topless bars and strip clubs, says Angelina Spencer."Most of the guys are nice, but some of them are disrespectful.

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Waitresses and shot girls sport red, white and blue Wonder Woman corsets.No one can say for sure how many strip clubs operate within Tampa's city limits.Night Moves, a trade magazine for South Florida's adult entertainment industry, lists nine Tampa nude clubs in its directory and 17 "dance clubs." This month's cover features an elephant getting a lap dance.When the Christian group Promise Keepers held a convention in Tampa a couple of years ago, attendees flooded the 2001 Odyssey, co-owner Jim Kleinhans recalls.They had such a good time that "they kept their promise to come back the next night." Many male convention-goers, regardless of political stripe, are drawn to the sexual underground, according to a study conducted by Baylor University business professor Scott Cunningham. Cunningham offers a range of possible explanations -- chief among them anonymity, or what he calls "the reduced likelihood of future shaming." Of course, the study could not measure ad responses.

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